Led by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, the North Dakota Teaming with Wildlife Coalition includes wildlife biologists, hunters & anglers, birdwatchers, hikers, nature-based businesses and other conservationists.

North Dakota’s Diverse Lands, Waters, and Wildlife

Curlew in fieldNorth Dakota is a prairie state harboring hundreds of thousands of wetlands and prairie potholes. Bison skulls still lay in prairie streams and lakes today, reminders of the animals that inhabited this unique ecosystem. Baird’s sparrows fill the prairie with song heard in few other places. Endless flocks of migrating ducks and geese find food and rest on countless wetlands or rivers. North Dakota is one of the last strongholds for the ancient pallid sturgeon.

North Dakota’s Wildlife Action Plan identifies habitat loss, fragmentation, degradation, invasive and noxious species, pesticides, industrial development, human impacts, and conservation awareness as common challenges for managing fish and wildlife across all habitat types. Fortunately, if we invest in his proactive strategy today, we can conserve North Dakota’s wildlife and vital natural areas for future generations.

A Powerful Coalition to Conserve our Wildlife Heritage

More than 50 organizations and businesses from across North Dakota have come together to spread the word about the North Dakota Wildlife Action Plan and to secure the funding it needs for success. YOU CAN HELP by joining the coalition, engaging organizations in your community and urging our elected officials to support the federal State Wildlife Grants Program and legislation providing long-term, dedicated funding for wildlife conservation and related education and recreation.