Representing the conservation community of Texas, the Texas Teaming with Wildlife Coalition includes wildlife biologists, hunters & anglers, birdwatchers, hikers, nature-based businesses and other conservationists.

Texas’s Diverse Lands, Waters, and Wildlife

photo ornate box turtle by Steve_KozlowskiTexas is an extremely diverse state with 10 distinct ecoregions ranging from desert in the western portion of the state to the dense forests of the east. Texas is second only to California in terms of its biodiversity, with the highest number of birds and reptiles and the second highest number of plants and mammals in the United States. Fortunately, if we invest in the Texas Conservation Action Plan (TCAP) today, we can conserve this spectacular wildlife heritage for future generations.

A Powerful Coalition to Conserve our Wildlife Heritage

More than 100 organizations and businesses from across Texas have come together to spread the word about the Texas Wildlife Action Plan and to secure the funding it needs for success. YOU CAN HELP by joining the coalition, engaging organizations in your community and urging our elected officials to support the federal State Wildlife Grants Program and legislation providing long-term, dedicated funding for wildlife conservation and related education and recreation.