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Why Teaming?

We started Teaming because we believe the most important factor to being fulfilled and successful at work is being part of a great team. And yet, great teams are rare because they are so hard to build. 

When we looked for tools to build great teams, we could only find coaching and performance management systems built for optimizing one-on-one relationships between manager and direct report. There wasn’t anything to strengthen relationships between everyone on the team. There wasn’t anything to help us foster an environment where a great team can grow.

We're changing that.

Teaming is a place where teammates can align on direction, values, and operating principles. Where people can understand their personal work style and those of their teammates. Where intentional team norms are created and continuously improved over time. Teaming is a place where teammates can make decisions and commitments together to move fast in the same direction.

We're creating a place where the team comes first. By putting the team first, engaged, healthy, high-performing teammates multiply.


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