Make your CS team unstoppable.

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Build operational excellence with team intelligence for your customer success team.

Support for every CSM in building great customer relationships

  • Eliminate customer knowledge transfer with Teaming's AI note-taker. Every customer meeting is automatically summarized and available to anyone who needs them.
  • Create seamless customer hand-offs every time with dedicated customer streams that maintain a rich account history.

Build efficiently scalable processes for CSMs to help customers thrive

  • Have one internal place for new CSMs to get up to speed quickly. New CSMs can see how they can make an impact quickly by reviewing your weekly team meetings, team goals and performance, account review meetings, customer goals and realized value, escalation meetings, and relevant customer meetings, all in one place.
  • Semi-automated meeting follow ups enable CSMs to communicate effectively faster. Meeting notes, decisions, and action items are automatically documented and available for the CSM to add any level of personalization they need to without any of the annoying administrative work.

Renew & Grow Customers

  • Rely on Teaming to automatically identify coaching opportunities for your team to learn how to handle new or difficult customer conversations, identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and more.

Meet your team's potential with CS team intelligence.

Teaming isn’t like software you’ve used before that simply measures performance, it learns how your team communicates and makes decisions, what work has the biggest impact, and offers personalized, contextual, and timely recommendations for becoming an even more effective CS team.

Break down silos with adaptive CS team intelligence.

CS doesn’t work in a silo. Being an effective team also means knowing how to work well with other teams. That’s teaming.

Align with Sales

  • Norm’ faster with sales team members with DiSC and AI-generated 1:1 coaching. Know your likely strengths and blindspots before you work together.
  • Streamline communication with shared, AI-generated meeting notes.
  • Create shared, visible customer-specific goals and see each customer’s realized-value and customer health scores in one place.

Align with Product & Engineering

  • Automatically summarize and relay customer feedback.
  • Coordinate communication about new releases, bug fixes, etc. more effectively than slack/teams/chat.

Align with Marketing

  • Share valuable testimonials, case studies, and customer feedback that can be used in marketing campaigns.
  • Get market research, training, and valuable customer materials from marketing in one place.

How does Teaming work for CS meetings?

Weekly Team Meetings & Stand-ups

  • AI-note-taker for documentation
  • Automated action items & follow-ups
  • Visual team goals for accountability
  • See team communication strengths & blind spots
  • AI-based meeting tips for more productive meetings

1-on-1 Meetings

  • AI-note-taker allows you and your teammate to be present 100% of the meeting time
  • AI-based coaching with DiSC for tips to lead each team member
  • AI-based coaching with DiSC for team members to communicate best with you
  • Conversation guides for every kind of 1-on-1 conversation like giving feedback, solving problems, and more
  • Private goal visualization in 1-on-1s for seeing career progress and performance

Customer Meetings

  • Never dig through CRM contacts & accounts again. In Teaming, you have one organized stream of AI-generated meeting summaries in a single click.

Quarterly Business Reviews

  • Use custom goals in Teaming to automatically generate a ‘high-light reel’ of your quarter with each customer.

Onboarding & Handoff Meetings

  • Dynamic teams in Teaming allow salespeople or previous account owners to convert prospects into customers and show CSMs everything they need to know about the customer to support them.
  • Bring new team members up-to-speed in minutes with best-in-class account history, customer milestones, and more.