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1:1s and Team Meetings

  • AI-Notes -- Summaries, Action Items, and Transcripts
  • Collaborative agenda creation
  • Private notes
  • Preparation reminders
  • Overdue action item reminders
  • Topic requests
  • Topic deferral
  • Recurring and pinned topics
  • Automatic meeting summaries
  • Action item and decision tracking
  • Meeting archive
  • Team goals & OKRs visualization
  • In-meeting goal & OKRs updates
  • In-meeting work style profiles & coaching
  • Unlimited number of teammates
  • Google & Office 365 calendar integration

Team goals

  • Objectives and Key Results (OKR) model
  • Automated goal pacing
  • Confidence level indicators
  • Numerical, percentage, currency, and binary measurements
  • Multi-team, single team, and individual goal views
  • Team goals visible in all team meetings

Team health

  • Anonymous team survey to measure 7 dimensions of healthy teams
  • Automated coaching to improve each dimension
  • Team strengths and potential blindspots coaching

Team work style

  • Team dynamics profile highlighting team strengths and potential blindspots
  • DISC work style assessment and profile for each team member
  • Work style reminders and coaching in team meetings and 1:1s

1:1s (one-on-ones) continued

  • Completely private space for personal and career conversations
  • Team member DISC work style profiles and coaching
  • Professional development progress tracking
  • 1:1 archive