Teaming is FREE while in beta

We'll have affordable pricing plans for team soon, but we'll give beta customers advanced notice of pricing plans before billing. No credit card required to sign up.

Collaborative agenda creation

Collaborative note-taking

Private notes

​Preparation reminders

Outstanding commitment reminders

Topic requests and reminders

​​Topic deferral 

Recurring and pinned topics

​Automatic meeting summaries​

Action item and decision tracking

Team meeting archive

​Team goals & OKRs visualization

In-meeting goal & OKRs updates

In-meeting work style profiles and coaching​​

Unlimited number of teammates

Google & Office365 calendar integration

Team Meetings

What can you get for nothing? Everything.

Team Goals

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) model

Automated goal pacing

Confidence level indicators

Numerical, percentage, currency, and binary measurements

Multi-team, single team, and individual goal views

Team goals visible in all team meetings

1-on-1 Meetings

Completely private space for personal and career conversations

Team member DISC work style profiles and coaching

Professional development progress tracking

1:1 archive

Team Work Style

Team dynamics profile highlighting team strengths and potential blindspots

DISC work style assessment and profile for each team member

Work style reminders and coaching in team meetings and 1:1s

Team Health

Completely anonymous team survey to measure 7 dimensions of healthy teams

Automated coaching to improve each dimension

Team strengths and potential blindspots coaching

Be better together with Teaming. 


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