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Effective communication, unlocked.

  • Teaming’s personalized AI-coach provides every marketer with everything they need to communicate and collaborate with the team. Private, concise, adaptive, and actionable coaching that’s there for them in every team meeting, campaign, and collaboration.
  • Simplify collaboration and keep everyone informed and aligned on campaigns from inception, to execution, to review with Teaming’s AI-notes and meeting summaries.

Create scalable processes.

  • Equip new team members to make an impact quickly by providing a single access point to review past campaigns, performance metrics, goals, and know where to dive in.
  • Keep campaign teams focused on their campaigns and performance with dedicated campaign streams designed for cross-team collaboration.

Optimize team performance.

  • Teaming’s intelligence will help you identify areas for improvement, optimize resource allocation, and create maximum impact.

Maximize Potential with Marketing Operations Intelligence

Teaming understands your team dynamics, the intricacies of your operations, and provides personalized, contextual, and timely recommendations to maximize your team's effectiveness.

Align your GTM teams.

Create seamless collaboration across GTM teams with all the focus and none of the noise:

Align with Sales

  • Create alignment with an automated ‘highlight reel’ of your shared progress and performance and team meeting communication insights showing where alignment was created and where it can be improved.
  • Ensure effective communication at every level of the team -- from strategy between leaders to execution between reps and campaign managers -- with personalized, private communication coaching for every person on the team.
  • Eliminate the need for everyone to attend every meeting between sales and marketing with AI-notes and meeting summaries.

Align with Product & Engineering

  • See product launches go off without a hitch with launch-specific streams where everyone can see the history of decision-making about the new product and launch.
  • Create flow and remove dependencies for feature releases between the product and marketing teams with automated ‘highlight reels’ that show how the release process evolved and who is responsible for what now.
  • Eliminate the need for everyone on both teams to attend every release meeting with AI-notes and meeting summaries.

Align with Customer Success

  • Cut through the filter of getting customer feedback second-hand and leverage success stories in the exact words of your customers with AI-notes and meeting summaries.
  • Know how to focus cross-sell, upsell, and retention campaigns with AI-generated customer themes, directly from meetings with customers and those between the customer success and marketing teams.
  • Support the customer success team with an easily digestible stream of requests, themed, prioritized, and managed in Teaming’s task manager.

How does Teaming work for Marketing meetings?

Weekly Team Meetings & Stand-ups

  • AI-note-taker for documentation
  • Automated action items & follow-ups
  • Visual team goals for accountability
  • See team communication strengths & blind spots
  • AI-based meeting tips for more productive meetings

1-on-1 Meetings

  • AI-note-taker allows you and your teammate to be present 100% of the meeting time
  • AI-based coaching with DiSC for tips to lead each team member
  • AI-based coaching with DiSC for team members to communicate best with you
  • Conversation guides for every kind of 1-on-1 conversation like giving feedback, solving problems, and more
  • Private goal visualization in 1-on-1s for seeing career progress and performance

Campaign Planning & Execution

  • Campaign stream automatically generated by Teaming Assistant allows everyone to seamlessly step-in and step-out of campaigns work while still seeing the whole picture of the campaign.

Cross-functional Meetings

  • Marketers are in a lot of cross-functional meetings. Teaming makes cross-functional information sharing automatic, without everyone attending every meeting.