Perform your best, together.



Know where you're going and how to get there.

Keep your team aligned with Teaming's Goals & Key Results, based on the OKR [Objective and Key Results] model.

Stay on track with automatic goal pacing and hold each other accountable with goal confidence updates.


High impact meetings for high impact teams.

Record and track team decisions and the commitments made to each other in team meetings and 1:1s. Assign action items and due dates.


Collaborate on agendas and get automated meeting follow up reminders. Ensure the team is on the same page with meeting outcome reports.



Teamwork takes practice. Practice starts here.

Team health survey based on the dimensions of healthy, high performing teams.


Create intentional, custom team norms to continuously improve your team health together.



Discover your work style.

Share your work style.

Receive personalized coaching about how best to engage with your teammates. You’ll learn what comes naturally to your teammates, what drains them, and what energizes them. They will learn about you too.

Access this coaching where it’s needed most -- when you’re working together in meetings.



Team dynamics understood


Based on a leading work style assessment DISC, Teaming brings each team member’s work style together to show the unique dynamic of each team.


Discover the natural strengths and blindspots of your team and what to do about them.


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