Your blueprint for building a great team.

Automate meeting notes & tasks.

Teaming’s AI-assistant automatically takes meetings notes, meeting summaries, and creates tasks based on action items the assistant heard in the meetings. No need to use voice commands or keywords.

Use it to lead a high-performing team without the annoying admin work.

Lead, manage, and coach individual team members in private, secure one-on-one meetings, including effective one-on-one templates for any type of conversation.
Make your meetings more effective with Teaming's robust meeting tools, including tracking decisions, action items, and automated reminders.

Create accountability.

We can’t eliminate meetings, but we can help you make them more effective. Record decisions and commitments, assign action items and due dates, and set automated reminders to ensure execution. Add ideas, potential solutions, or relevant considerations to the Notes section so you can understand (and remember for the future) context around key changes and updates..

Communicate effectively.

Effective communication isn’t easy. Teaming offers contextual coaching based for every team member to navigate every conversation and every situation with every team member. Problems and conflicts are solved easier and faster with Teaming’s real-time contextual coaching tips.

Learn more about the unique makeup of your team with Teaming's work style assessments.
Measure and understand the true health of your team over time with Teaming's Team Health Survey.

Team culture growth.

Did you know that every healthy, high-performing team has the same things in common? They are: trust, productive communication, commitment, accountability, focus, positive impact, and purpose. Teaming assesses where your team is on these factors and offers tips about how to react to team changes that may impact each factor.

Set clear goals.

Align your team around common goals and show everyone  how their work contributes to the greater purpose. At a glance, your team can quickly understand where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there. Using the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) method, you can visualize and track progress on goals with automated pacing and confidence level updates.

Set your team's objectives and goals, and visually track progress toward your targets.
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Teaming integrates with your favorite tools.

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